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The Rare Historical Artifacts | Ukiyo-e: Art of the Floating World | Documentary English subtitles

The Rare Historical Artifacts | Ukiyo-e: Art of the Floating World | Documentary English subtitles


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Ukiyo-e woodblock printmaking with Keizaburo Matsuzaki


Ukiyo-e Overview from Phil Hansen

Created by Artist Phil Hansen. Text \

Art of Japan: The Many Worlds of Ukiyo-e Prints

Escape to a tantalizing afternoon of beauty and pleasure found within the MFA's world-renowned collection of color woodblock prints. This urban dream of a ...

How Did Hokusai Create The Great Wave?

Japanese artist Takuji Hamanaka takes us inside his Brooklyn studio to explain why he adopted a centuries-old technique to create contemporary woodblock ...

Ukiyo-e Heroes (24) : 'Times Burned Bright'

Here is the next in the long series of videos showing how Jed Henry's Ukiyo-e Heroes woodblock prints are made. This one is the design known as 'Times ...

Ukiyoe Heroes (2) : cutting a colour block

This video shows Tokyo woodblock printmaker David Bull, outlining the basic process of cutting one of the colour blocks for making an ukiyo-e style print.

Unintentional ASMR 🖼️ Traditional Japanese Printmaking (brushing, explanations)

Original video: https://youtu.be/yfqsTy3Yx24 I do not own the rights to these contents, I do not monetize them and I will delete them upon request. All credit goes ...

Life of Cats: Selections from the Hiraki Ukiyo-e Collection - Video Tour - Rotation 2

Life of Cats: Selections from the Hiraki Ukiyo-e Collection Friday, March 13 – Sunday, June 7, 2015 http://www.japansociety.org/life-of-cats Since arriving in ...

Ukiyo-e Heroes - 2017 Kickstarter Introduction Video

The video that introduces the Ukiyo-e Heroes Kickstarter campaign for 2017, brought to you by illustrator Jed Henry, and woodblock printmaker David Bull.

Step Inside: Hokusai's Ukiyo-e Prints

Hokusai's prints — as you've never seen them before. Katsushika Hokusai was born in 1760 under the gaze of the snow-capped peak of Mount Fuji in Japan's ...

Japan Spirit and Form #7: Women in Ukiyo-e

Women in Ukiyo-e” is the seventh episode of the NHK series, “Japan: Spirit and Form” and offers a broad overview of the portrayal of women in the art of different ...

Ukiyoe Heroes (23) : Proofing 'The Serpent Strikes'

Here is an update to the Ukiyoe Heroes print series, showing the process of proofing the block set for the Jed Henry design known as 'The Serpent Strikes'.

Motion : Estampes Ukiyo-e et Shin-hanga

Un petit motion regroupant les œuvres de sept artistes d'estampes japonaises, des mouvements Ukiyo-e et Shin-hanga. Musique : Ikue Asazaki ...

Yottsu no renka (Biwa set to Ukiyo-e)

Yottsu no renka (四つの恋歌) on biwa performed by Handa Junko (半田淳子) set alongside a variety of ukiyo-e. Best viewed full-screen and in 1080p. Note: This ...

2013.11.14 BEGIN Japanology - Ukiyo e


Ukiyo-e Heroes: Jed Henry's Illustration Process


Dive into UKIYO-E - Edo's Broadway [1080p HD]

Features the theater district in Edo called Saruwakacho, area of people's pastime in the afternoon. Traditional Japanese woodblock prints called Ukiyo-e ...

Ukiyoe Heroes (1) : Rickshaw Cart - first proof

Here is the very first proof sheet being pulled from the key block for Jed Henry's print featuring a certain Italian plumber! It was carved by Tokyo woodblock ...

UKIYO-E PROJECT #1 / Tokyo × Ukiyo-e people


Ukiyo e, estampe Samourai, gravure sur bois par Beno

« Samouraï » estampe par Beno , imprimée avec la technique traditionnelle japonaise (ukiyo-e) à l'occasion de l'exposition : « Samouraï : 1000 ans d'histoire ...

Japanese Ukiyo-e art done by REAL SENSEI! pt.1

Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/chyadosensei.

David Bowie Ukiyo-e (behind-the-scenes)

Sekioka (Woodcarver): “After all, I feel it would be great if the woodcarving turns out to be like \

Ghosts and Spirits. The Supernatural in Japanese ukiyo-e prints

Ghosts and Spirits. The Supernatural in Japanese ukiyo-e prints New temporary exhibition The exhibition includes the five rare Japanese prints from the series ...

Ukiyo-e: Churning the Great Wave

Ukiyo-e is an iconic form of Japanese art. This woodblock print used to be a source of entertainment in the Edo era (1603- 1868) but has been diminishing since ...

[Craftsman collection of Japan] Ukiyo-e painter Japanese woodblock prints Cool!

Craftsmanship of excitement is available here! http://topzport.jugemcart.com/

Ukiyo-e Heroes Book - Part 1

This is the first of a couple of videos that show how Tokyo-based woodblock printmaker Dave Bull will make the Ukiyo-e Heroes books that were promised as ...

Ukiyoe Heroes (21) : Making the 'I Choose You' woodblock print

Shot in the workroom of David Bull in Tokyo, Japan, this video shows the test proofing of Jed Henry's 'I Choose You' design from his Ukiyoe Heroes series.

36 VIEWS MT FUJI - HOKUSAI - ukiyo-e

SLow display of 36 (46) VIEWS of Fuji, w/ liquid mind accompanying the great HOKUSAI 1830s.

UKIYO-E Japanese Woodblock Coloring Book flip through

This is a silent flip through of the UKIYO-E Japanese Woodblock Coloring Book.

Marcel Chyrzyński - UKIYO E

Ukiyo-e na orkiestrę smyczkową, ca 12' Obsada: 0000-0000-archi ( ...Nie poddając się przygnębieniu, jak tykwa płynąć z nurtem rzeki to właśnie ...

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